2021 Events & Planning

Hi Neighbor! Glad you stopped by! Facebook has made it really easy to post info on events we plan that we tend to use that platform most. However, this year, we’re trying our darn-ness to keep non-FB users up to date on events and join in the fun, Avondale gardener-neighbor interactions. We host Zoom calls on garden-related topics, in-person-socially-distanced-mask-on activities….

Want in? email avondalegardeners@gmail.com for details. Here’s what we’ve got in the hopper for 2021:

Sun Feb 23rd – Seed Swap via dedicated FB subgroup

Sun Apr 4th – MLG workday

Thurs April 8th – Mindful Living Garden (MLG) large group meeting via Zoom

Sun April 11th 9a – MLG work day

Sun April 11th – AGA Bingo!

Week of April 15th (date TBD) – Raised beds install/workshop at MLG

Thurs Apr 22nd – Drip Irrigation Zoom

Thurs Apr 29th – Hardening off & Transplanting Seedlings Zoom

Early to mid May – Seedling Swap via dedicated FB subgroup

Sun Aug 29th – Avondale Garden & Agriculture Fair

Sun Sept 26th – Harvest Festival

Sat Dec 11th – AGA booze, baked goods, and houseplant swap