Next BIG event: Seed Swap – NOW OPEN

Again, this year we’ll post surplus seed offerings to swap on dedicated FB group starting 2/14; drop off seeds at Swap Central(s) Sun 2/20; pickups Sunday 2/27. Review what you’ve got and what you’d like to grow this year in prep for the swap. We’re ~12 weeks off from average last frost, y’all! email or FB post questions if you got em! Need seeds – see link below photos!

We’ve cataloged all the AGA seed collection into one google sheet available for viewing online! Big effort and we’re really excited to share this tool with you. We’re also working hard to grow our network and get gardening resources to all our neighbors, so we created a companion short fill-in form below. Through form submission, we’ll send you a link to view our new and snazzy seed library.
Get ready for 2022 garden season with Avondale seeds!

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