AGA Fair: 8/28 12-5PM 3300 N Whipple/ Various Locations

Come tour Avondale gardens and learn about all things urban agriculture and sustainability. Whether you’re an apartment dweller, a homeowner, or a small business, we’ve got something for you!

AGAF 2022 map created in Google is available HERE

We’ve planned things like: master seed starting; pet some chickens; attract birds and pollinators to your yard; learn homebrewing and growing; meet a giant beaver; make seed bombs; harvest and process medicinal herbs; discover the benefits of fermenting foods; learn beekeeping and much more!

It’s all happening Sunday, August 28th, from 12pm to 5pm in a walkable area of East Avondale. Then join us at Chief O’Neill’s to spend those raffle tickets on fun prizes! Meet your neighbors and join our support network for new and experienced “farmers” and makers.

Click and save the map above or plan to grab a paper map from Concordia Place at 3300 N. Whipple noon-5p. The map describes the demos and activities you can find at each Fair stop. Got the map – plan your route! You can start and end anywhere – hop around as much or as little as you’d like. Raffle tickets will be given out at some fair stops, and sold at the After Party. AGA raffles are THE BEST.

RSVP on the Facebook Event: RSVP HERE FOR UPDATES

*If you’re interested in volunteering, please reach out: AGA still has volunteer tasks to share Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to share.
The Avondale Gardening Alliance is completely volunteer run and all time and funding is donated! We can always use more hands on deck. See ya soon! #AvondaleGardeningAlliance#AvondaleGardeners


Scroll way down to see maps, details, and photos of LAST YEAR’S AGAF!

End of August is the AGA Fair! And Newsletter!

Our biggest, most fun event, the AGA Garden and Agriculture Fair (AGAF), is right around the corner on Sunday, August 28th! Reach out to get involved:

Remember how much fun we had? If you live in east Avondale, let us know if you’d be willing to host a fair stop. No matter where you live, let us know if you’d like to participate by demonstrating a skill to your neighbors, helping coordinate the raffle, sharing your favorite garden recipe, introducing us to new ways to use our plants, helping promote the event, curate a host site, or supporting the AGAF in another way. The AGAF is an excellent way to get involved in your community for introverts and extroverts alike!

Also, check out our newsletter and/or sign up for that email every 8 weeks – for program and event info in your inbox!

Happy Hours Summer 2022!

We’re planning/scheduling AGA Happy Hours around the neighborhood and on varying days of the week to foster neighbor interactions! Some are BYO bevvys and snacks at the MLG, some are meet at outdoor patio of pub, others are BYO bevvy + watch a demo/learn something cool such as floral design at Rooted with Lynn and basics of sprouting and microgreens at Emily’s. We host may sharing/trading, zoom, and beautification events every year, where we’re so busy being awesome we forget or are short on time for socializing and catching up. This summer, we’re making an effort and making time to catch up. Check the Events & Planning Tab for schedule. See you soon!

Seedling Swap weekend!

Avondale Gardener neighbors have been agreeing to trade and share surplus seedlings via a dedicated Facebook subgroup since early May. Drop off of surplus (swapped or extras) seedlings SAT 5/14 at Metropolitan Brewery 11a-5p. Pick up of pre-arranged swaps happens early Sunday.

THEN, SUN 1-3p we’ll sell the surplus seedlings for small donation to YOUR neighborhood AGA! We use these funds to buy supplies for additional raised beds, chicken coops, specialty seeds, flyers, banners, and outreach efforts.

AGA’s back at Metropolitan!

FINALLY! Come have beers with AG neighbors and meet some of our Admin IRL!
Sunday noon-2 at Metropolitan Brewery at Rockwell on the River (3057 N Rockwell St). Mix of meet-and-greet / AGA does this and that / Social Sunday with Suds.

Want to see our AGA Seed Library (YES. Yes, you do.) link to see

Got seeds from us? Reminders/rules of thumb:

**Depth to plant seeds is equal to the longest length (1/2 IN seed – plant 1/2 under soil).

**Spacing between seeds should equal the mature size of that plant.

**Keep soil of newly planted seeds moist for a week. Most will germinate and sprout in a week or so.

**Most seeds we had packs to give away are cool weather crops and can be planted now/soon!

**General ‘safe date’ to plant most plants and seeds is Mother’s Day round here.

Next BIG event: Seed Swap – NOW OPEN

Again, this year we’ll post surplus seed offerings to swap on dedicated FB group starting 2/14; drop off seeds at Swap Central(s) Sun 2/20; pickups Sunday 2/27. Review what you’ve got and what you’d like to grow this year in prep for the swap. We’re ~12 weeks off from average last frost, y’all! email or FB post questions if you got em! Need seeds – see link below photos!

We’ve cataloged all the AGA seed collection into one google sheet available for viewing online! Big effort and we’re really excited to share this tool with you. We’re also working hard to grow our network and get gardening resources to all our neighbors, so we created a companion short fill-in form below. Through form submission, we’ll send you a link to view our new and snazzy seed library.
Get ready for 2022 garden season with Avondale seeds!

2022- Rethinking Community Gardening

Welcome to 2022! We are so grateful for the progress we made in 2021 and excited about our momentum going into the new year. While many aspects of life have been difficult over the last 2 years, our hyper-local network of agriculturally-minded neighbors has been thriving. Despite many logistical challenges, the AGA has grown exponentially in numbers and engagement. Our little neighborhood group of gardeners we started in 2014 has become a force for a more sustainable Avondale. Neighbors have shared a staggering amount of seeds, seedlings, knowledge, skills, and support. We should all be proud of the community we are creating!

In 2021 we took the skills we learned in 2020, adapted them to an ever-changing risk-assessment landscape, and continued to provide opportunities for neighbors to engage with each other around urban agriculture. Some events had to be adapted at the last minute. Sometimes appropriate venues were really hard to find. But we neighbors persevered and produced dozens of events with more engagement than ever. The Gardening and Agricultural Fair was back this year and was even more fun despite its logistical challenges. We learned that somehow, AGA bingo makes the world go round. And most importantly, we saw our network of support grow stronger as community members became neighbors, and neighbors became friends.

In 2022 the AGA will continue to grow our network with a number of exciting projects meant to redefine the meaning of “community gardening.” Community gardening shouldn’t be relegated to solo gardening of small plots in scarce lots. Community gardening becomes infinitely impactful when it represents neighbors gardening with and for their community. We work with our Mutual Aid Society and Community Dinners to help more of our neighbors have access to healthy, local produce. We are partnered with Linne and Reilly Elementaries to help bring sustainable agriculture practices to our schools, including community chickens at Linne. At the Mindful Living Garden, together we provide a healthy green space and food for our community. There are endless opportunities to engage in community gardening with the AGA.

In 2021 we learned that the good we do by bringing more green space to our neighborhood and increasing positive engagement between neighbors creates broader positive change than we realized. I hope you will start 2022 by joining us via zoom on Monday, January 24th at 5:30 pm for a discussion of Eric Klinenberg’s book Palaces for the People, that brings solid research to the fact that our fun AGA events and your community engagement create a safer and healthier Avondale.

So get involved! Come learn with us. Come teach us. The AGA can use any and all skills: seed saving, social media outreach, grant writing, project management, graphic design, physical labor, data management, bilingual skills, research, agriculture skills, seed starters, writers, team leaders, and literally everything else. Introvert or extrovert, you can make a difference in your community outside with a megaphone or in front of your computer. You are an important part of our community and we need you.