2021 Avondale Gardening and Agriculture Fair – August 29th – 12-5PM – 3300 N Whipple/Various Locations

Come tour Avondale gardens and learn about all things urban agriculture and sustainability. Whether you’re an apartment dweller, a homeowner, or a small business, we’ve got something for you!

Things like: Make your own non-toxic natural dyes; plan a drip irrigation system; attract birds and pollinators to your yard; learn homebrewing and growing; resurrect your houseplants; make seed bombs; harvest and process medicinal herbs; discover the benefits of fermenting foods; learn beekeeping and much more!

It’s all happening Sunday, August 29th, from 12pm to 5pm in a walkable area of East Avondale. Meet your neighbors and join our support network for new and experienced “farmers” and makers.

Get a virtual map from this event page starting Friday, August 27th or grab a paper map from Concordia Place at 3300 N. Whipple starting at noon on the 29th.

RSVP on the Facebook Event: RSVP HERE FOR UPDATES
See ya soon! #AGAF21  #AvondaleGardeningAlliance  #AvondaleGardeners

*If you’re interested in volunteering, please reach out! The Avondale Gardening Alliance is completely volunteer run and all time and funding is donated! We can always use more hands on deck. AvondaleGardeners@gmail.com

Let’s get engaged!

You want TikTok? We got TikTok. You want Insta? We got Insta. We got FB; we’ve got a website that’s updated often; we’ve got an actual garden; we’ve got IRL (workshops, workdays, social social-distanced meet ups). Oh, snap… we’ve even got Slack. Join us. Watch us. Engage. Join us. avondalegardeners

2020: Weird and Kind of Wonderful

The pandemic presented challenges in 2020!  However, AGA has remained active throughout, hosting virtual events/lectures/zooms; some with socially distanced COVID-smart protocol in-person components. Most of our outreach and event planning has been posted on our Facebook Group. Recapping the year that was:

Gardening 101: Let’s Talk Basics 4/23

Let’s Talk Backyard Chickens! 4/30

Soil! The Most Important Part 5/7

How to Care For Your New Seedlings 5/14

Gardening 101: I Got Plants In Dirt. Now What? 5/21

Let’s Talk Rain Gardens! 5/28

Pests and Disease 6/4

Urban Pollinators: Call for Citizen Scientists! 6/6

Shade Garden Workshop 6/11

Pollinators! 6/18

Weeeeeds- How To Identify And Conquer Them 6/25

Fertilizer! When? How? What? 7/2

Beneficial Weeds- The Girl Scout Badge You Need 7/16

Become A Seed Saver! 7/23

AGA: Scheming for the Future 8/6

End of Season Gardening 9/17

AGA Planning Meeting 10/8

Let’s Talk Food Preservation! 10/22

Houseplant Bingo 12/20 (reoccurring)

Houseplant Repotting 101, by Rooted

Winter sowing with Betty!  1/21/21

Worm Composting!  2/11/21

Pruning 101  2/19/21

Seed starting chat 3/11/21

Seed Swap 2/23

Seedling Swap 5/17

Carter’s Natives For Dry Avondale Basements Giveaway! 6/21

Harvest Spirit Week 9/28

Pollinator Prairie Patch Natives sale 10/4

Houseplant Swap 12/18