AGA Sub-Groups

Avondale Gardening Alliance (AGA) maintains a healthy presence on Facebook (FB) to facilitate virtual and in person interactions. AGA hosts events, lectures/zooms, swaps, giveaways and the like and posts info on those activities on the AGA page (think of this like a person/an administrator), Avondale Gardeners (the main group), and several subgroups that focus on a local need and/or interest. The neighborly interactions on these groups is cordial, helpful, and creative. The links on this page connect to those FB groups (links below if on mobile device). Note: FB setting is private to maintain hyper-local, considerate, and dynamic group – join our sharing and supportive online community!

Avondale Gardening Alliance

Community Organization Facebook Page

Avondale Gardeners Group!

We are the individual neighbors and gardeners that make up the Avondale Gardening Alliance! Avondale Gardening Alliance is open to all!

AGA Book Club: Like reading about garden design, sustainable practices, or herbal remedies, etc.? Come chat with us about it!

Avondale Green Canopy Advocates: Concerned about the dwindling number of trees in Avondale? Want to do something about it? Join our group of tree advocates.

AGA Seed Library: Want to become a seed saver and help us maintain and grow our seed library? Find the resources here to get started.

AGA Houseplant Swap: Obsessed with indoor plants? Us too! Join our houseplant group to improve your skills, get troubleshooting advice, and trade with other members.

AGA Seed Swap: Got seeds to share with your neighbors? Looking for that disease resistant cucumber you can grow in a container? Come see what’s available every Jan-Feb!

AGA Seedling Swap: We host a dedicated FB-sub-group where neighbors share & swap their surplus seedlings. Great plant porn and a super way to get to know your neighbors! Get involved each May!

AGA Mindful Living work group: Interested in community gardening? Want to add to your neighbors’ food security? Volunteer at the AGA Mindful Living Garden- get started here!

AGA Food Security: Want to help your fellow Avondaliens have access to produce grown here in our neighborhood? This is the group for you!