Seed Sharing

The AGA maintains a Seed Library of over 500 seed varieties saved and/or shared by neighbors. Requests for seeds are accepted on an ongoing basis. Visit this link to find out more, view the library, and request neighbor-shared-seeds. We also host Seed Swaps early each year to help neighbors share their surplus and favorite saved seeds.

New in 2022, AGA will be supplying small packs of seeds to the Love Fridge on an ongoing basis (starting on date x). Below is the list of seeds we’ll offer this year and links to seed and sowing info for each seed. Everyone should have access and ability to grow their own veg, fruits, and flowers. The AGA aims to help remove barriers to urban agriculture. Click below for variety info/description & planting directions:

Sunflower (Mammoth Grey Stripe), Calendula/Pot Marigold (Officinalis), Lettuce (Allstar Gourmet Mix), Swiss Chard (Bright Lights), Kale (Lacinanto), Salad Turnip (Hakurei F1), Beet (Bulls Blood), Radish (French Breakfast), Sugar Snap Pea, Green bean (Provider).

This year, seed packs donated by super neighbors Eve and Betty. Ah-mazing!

General ‘rules of thumb’:
Common ‘safe date’ to plant most plants and seeds is Mother’s Day in Chicago.
Depth to plant seeds is 2x the longest length (1/4″ seed – plant 1/2′ under soil).
Spacing between seeds should equal the mature size of that plant.
Keep soil of newly planted seeds moist for a week. Most will germinate and sprout in a week or so.
Cool weather crops (arugula, beets, swiss chard, bok choy, kale, lettuce, mustards, cilantro, spinach)
can be started outdoors now/soon!! YAY!
Native Seeds resources:
Cook County Planting Calendar from U of I Extension: