WATCH THIS SPACE/UNDERGOING UPDATES – We’re planning 2022 and will share goals and costs to give visibility to ‘what things cost’ and ‘what we do’.
Our 2019 text:
The AGA would like to raise $300 to cover costs for the annual volunteer-run Avondale Gardening and Agriculture Fair as well as $400 toward supplies for various year-round free events. The costs for these events include printing flyers, providing supplies for demonstrations, water bottles and granola bars for our incredible volunteers!
Additionally, we are seeking $500 to purchase or gifts-in-kind for the following:
Portable folding tables and chairs
All-weather canopies for outdoor events
Tarps, tarps, and more tarps
Seed starting supplies
Garden markers
Donation of time and energy is ALWAYS WELCOME! Email us at to get involved!